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Contract For Differences - Coin Matters

Three US Agencies Rely on Chainalysis to Analyze Bitcoin Transactions

Most cryptocurrency users will be all too aware of what blockchain analysis means. Several firms around the world specialize in tracking transactions on public blockchains to ensure there is no nefarious activity conducted on them. Chainalysis is one of the market leaders in this area. The company recently inked a new set of deals with the US government to continue providing this service. Any non-anonymous currency will be tracked and scrutinized pretty closely for years to come, by the look of things.

Moreover, it remains to be seen how all this will impact the ongoing IRS-Coinbase legal battle. The Internal Revenue Service aims to obtain customer records from Coinbase over various time periods. The agency’s main objective is to ensure no one has effectively used the exchange to launder proceeds from illegal activity or to evade taxes with Bitcoin. It is unclear if the government’s request will ever be granted, although its improved partnership with Chainalysis should bring most information to light regardless.

More Singaporeans riding on cryptocurrency wave on soaring Bitcoin prices

SINGAPORE: It looks like a simple gaming computer. But Mr Dexter Ng and his group of friends realised that it was able to produce cryptocurrencies through a process called "mining".

Armed with a powerful graphics processing unit, these computers are able to solve complex math problems which will gain the user rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies like the bitcoin.



The Monetary Authority of Singapore told Bloomberg last month that it will not regulate cryptocurrencies, but that it will monitor activities around these coins and decide what are the risks which would require regulation.

Bitcoin Miner Windows 10 app gets an interesting update

Bitcoin mining is a worldwide phenomenon and it’s certainly not news-worthy anymore.

What is newsworthy, however, is the fact that there is a Bitcoin mining app available for Microsoft’s Windows 10 right now.

While it might seem a bit outlandish to some, the existence of an app such as Bitcoin Miner can actually open some important doors for people interested in Bitcoin mining.

Binance to Add Monero, DASH

The innovative exchange Binance continues to expand its selection of carefully picked coins- and this time, it's the turn of Monero and DASH.

The Binance platform, however, comes with a warning. Some of the liquidity for day trading is provided by BNB tokens. But this arrangement has been noted by a critical Twitter account, Ponzi Crypto Coins (@bccponzi). So far, the review is not critical and for now, the review is positive:

2,500+ Websites Are Now “Cryptojacking” To Use Your CPU Power And Mine Cryptocurrency

What is Cryptojacking?

With the rise in the adoption of cryptocurrencies all around the world, the foul players on the web are also exploiting this opportunity to earn fraudulent clicks.

While some of the websites are bluntly including coinhive.js file, others are using stealth measures like including iframe that points to

Apart from websites and Chrome extensions, some Android applications are also using the same technique.


Interview with Monero team ($XMR)

This time I had the pleasure to interview the Monero team. Pioneers of the private cryptocurrencies. A open source project aiming to empower the citizens giving them the control and responsibility of their own funds.


Only Monero offers fungibility where each coin is exactly the same like any other, since you cannot “taint” it based on its history. Like with cash you don’t have to care if it previously has been involved in anything you wouldn’t support, a $10 bill is always worth the same and the same is with Monero. You can’t say if it’s freshly mined or has been used anywhere before unlike coins with a transparent blockchain which can be analyzed by anyone and one might get accused for someone others’ actions.

Altcoins -  The alternative cryptocurrency options to explore

Cryptocurrencies have been ruling the digital world for a past few years and after its emergence back in 2009, the road has been too crowdy with mesmerizing effects. These type of digital coins plays a vital role in every transaction modules that creates a unique opportunity for every user in the network marketing business.

Exploring the opportunities in network marketing world with such cryptocurrency adaption is perfectly make sense and a diversity of opportunities are available in this sector. Mining is actually one of the toughest tasks as the first stages of achievements are achieved, as the process enters the next stage it’s almost difficult to mine and that’s why the altcoins came into action.

How To Secure Your Cryptocurrency Investment Business Webside Form Hackers?

Cryptocurrency and the business with cryptocurrency has most popular in this year faster than almost anything I have ever seen before. From my perspective, the cryptocurrency business trend is growing into faster than smartphones, faster than apps, and faster than the internet itself. On the one hand, cryptocurrency business although growing rapidly than anything I've seen before and the other hand it draws out some bad thinks too. In this case, the bad thinks means hackers and other individuals looking to literally steal from people.


When cryptocurrency investment platform gets the right combination of stability, security and reliability, that will win

If you build your cryptocurrency investment website with stability and reliability using right cryptocurrency investment software then definetly you can secure your investors digital assets. But be aware beforing choosing the cryptocurrency investment software.

Augur Founder: Not Enough Developers are Working on Ethereum Scaling & Development

Joey Krug, the founder of Augur, the decentralized prediction market build on top of the Ethereum protocol, believes there is a shortage of talented developers working on Ethereum scaling solutions.

 Krug shares a similar belief to Buterin, firmly believing that simply not enough developers are focused on improving the Ethereum, tweeting that the network would be vastly

Asian Market Update – Thursday: Cryptocurrencies mixed, Asian stocks point higher

The Big Question: Is the recent rally ending for bitcoin?

Prices of main cryptocurrencies were mixed overnight during the Asian trading session on Thursday, as the bitcoin price pointed lower, and ethereum and litecoin saw minor gains.

Down Under, the ASX 200 moved up 0.42 percent to 6,041 before midday.

The S&P 500 E-Mini Future gained a slight 0.1 percent to 2,593.

Asian investors are now focused on Trump’s visit in Beijing, where North Korea and trade are expected to be front and center in meetings between Trump and Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.