We believe that Monero is a superior product, which has come along at the right time in history when massive new adoption of cryptocurrencies is about to occur. 

Roger Ver, known as “Bitcoin Jesus” for his evangelical support of the currency during its early years… said his investment in Monero is “substantial” and his biggest in any virtual currency since bitcoin. 

Source: Bloomberg

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Monero Price Surpasses $155 and Reaches New All-Time High

It has been a pretty interesting week for Monero holders. With the Monero price surging to US$155 at the time of writing, it seems people are actively looking for a currency that provides proper anonymity. There have not been any recent XMR-related announcements to speak of, but many people would argue the Monero price has been suppressed for some time now.


Binance to Add Monero, DASH

The innovative exchange Binance continues to expand its selection of carefully picked coins- and this time, it's the turn of Monero and DASH.

The Binance platform, however, comes with a warning. Some of the liquidity for day trading is provided by BNB tokens. But this arrangement has been noted by a critical Twitter account, Ponzi Crypto Coins (@bccponzi). So far, the review is not critical and for now, the review is positive:

Interview with Monero team ($XMR)

This time I had the pleasure to interview the Monero team. Pioneers of the private cryptocurrencies. A open source project aiming to empower the citizens giving them the control and responsibility of their own funds.


Only Monero offers fungibility where each coin is exactly the same like any other, since you cannot “taint” it based on its history. Like with cash you don’t have to care if it previously has been involved in anything you wouldn’t support, a $10 bill is always worth the same and the same is with Monero. You can’t say if it’s freshly mined or has been used anywhere before unlike coins with a transparent blockchain which can be analyzed by anyone and one might get accused for someone others’ actions.

UFC Website Caught Mining Monero Using Visitors’ Computers

UFC's official website was caught with its hand in its visitors' cookie jars as it began mining Monero using their CPUs.



By the time we are reporting this, the script on UFC’s site has disappeared, which leads us to believe that they may have been actively testing it. It’s still possible that hackers may have infiltrated the website, but we have yet to see a statement from UFC’s administrative body.

Let's get ready to grumble. UFC secretly choke slams browsers with Monero miners


Crypto-crafting JavaScript appears on hipster-boxing site

Yet another website has been caught secretly running Coin Hive's JavaScript that silently pressgangs visitors' computers into mining the Monero digital currency.

On Monday, it was the turn of Ultimate Fighting Championship's pay-per-view site, which streams mixed martial arts battles in which men and women in tight outfits beat the crap out of each other in a cage.


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