Software's are good now for Monero mining & Some useful Monero mining pools.

Software for Monero mining

Monero, a fungibility and privacy centered currency, has been gaining significant traction in dark net markets around the globe. Considering that its value has passed the 40$ mark, you might be wondering how to best mine the currency.

Here are some of the best software to do CPU or GPU Mining with Windows 10.


The easiest mining tool for Windows CPU in my opinion is the Monero Spelunker. This simply adds a GUI to Wolf's CPU miner. Also pretty simple to use is XMR-STAK-CPU, which is newer and should have a higher hashrate. You can try rates for the other ones, but these two are the two prominent CPU miners.


Claymore seems to give the best performance on my RX 470s. Claymore's latest release added SSL support and lowered the developer fee. Wolf's is another option, which is open-source.


NVIDIA mining support is quite limited. I believe ccminer is all you have.

Monero Mining Pools

It helps to participate in a mining pool to secure steadier rewards for your mining efforts. There are several options to pursue, as seen on Moneropools, but here are some better known pools to try out:


Note that some of the pools above mine for other cryptocurrencies as well. Also, make sure to stay updated as to the different pool fees so that you don’t fall behind your margins. Some pools have unexpectedly changed their terms and conditions in the past, so be vigilant for updates and change pools when needed.