Reasons To Participate In TechBench ICO

Reasons To Participate In TechBench ICO

Reasons To Participate In TechBench ICO

TechBench unites many different solutions in one ecosystem. The platform is intended to build the new model of freelance relationships on the base of advanced social platform for IT specialists, using modern technologies such as Smart contracts, Blockchain and neural network deep analysis.

TechBench sets a new standard for any IT professional’s online identity. With high-quality social profile, each specialist will be prepared to unlock the power of social networking for unprecedented innovation and development.

Why TechBench platform is unique?

Since TechBench really meets the needs of IT specialists, developers and programmers, the market demand for a social network for IT professionals and a revolutionary freelance portal will be satisfied in the best way.

Such a platform as TechBench has the full potential to become a respected resource recognized in the IT community. TechBench hosts a professional social network that highlights work achievements and provides space to showcase projects.

Capacities of each member’s profile will be fully developed in order to allow each participant to fully show off their skills and shine, like an online portfolio, business card and presentation in one.

The framework for connections here is based on mutual professional interests.

Investment potential of TechBench

We highlight the following key advantages of the product’s investment attractiveness:

  1. Platform ecosystem includes versatile parts that provide services the best way.
  2. There is no professional social network aimed at IT professionals. IT community has a strong request for its own professional social network.
  3. The freelance work market is currently in decline, and TechBench offers a completely new model of freelance interaction.
  4. TechBench will not only have its own social profile database, but also apply neural network algorithms to analyze it.

Deep candidate screening services are becoming more popular among business customers, especially in IT and technology-related areas, but all existing recruitment services for business customers do not have their own employee base.

Special benefits for ICO participants

Special benefits will be available only to ICO participants. The subsequent acquisition of tokens in the future on the exchange will not allow the use of special advantages.

ICO & Pre-ICO participants special advantages:
TBCH tokens are at the best price, unlike their future market value.
Lifetime premium account on the TechBench platform.
Access to special online conferences with experts and other useful events.

Obtaining TBCH tokens

Please use the crowdsdale portal for purchasing tokens at

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