How to receive & send Monero payments.


Receiving Monero is very simple.  Simply share your public address with whomever you would like to send you money, and await your funds.  Please take note that giving the other party a payment ID of your choice may help you in identifying the transaction, though as long as the other party can identify their transaction to you with their own payment ID then either method should work.

Checking your balance

[wallet 47CL7F]: balance Balance: 0.400000000000, unlocked balance: 0.400000000000

The balance command shows you your Monero balance. In the example above, the wallet contains 0.4 Monero. If a payment was only recently received, it will around 20 minutes for that payment to become "unlocked" before you can consider it fully confirmed as received. Until it becomes unlocked, you cannot spend recently received Monero. 

Important: Make sure your Monero daemon is running and successfully syncing with the network. Your Monero wallet will not be able to see its balance and any new payments received unless the Monero daemon is correctly synced to the network.

Receiving early notification of payments received (i.e. without waiting 20 minutes)

Your Monero wallet will automatically notify you with a message about an incoming transaction after it has received one confirmation by the network. The first block will take on average 2 minutes to be confirmed, and your wallet will scan the network every 90 seconds for updates. Due to the statistical probabilities involved in confirming blocks, your first block could confirm faster or slower than the 2 minute average. If you are unlucky, it might take 10 minutes or a little longer in some instances for the first block to be confirmed. Therefore after a payment is sent to you, you generally will need to wait for 4-12 minutes for your wallet to first notify you of the transaction. 

IMPORTANT: The notification you see of the first confirmation of a received payment is a good sign things are working, but you should always wait for the 10 confirmation period to feel completely safe that the transaction has not been reversed or "double spent" by a rogue sender. 

Viewing zero confirmation notifications (FASTEST way to see the first signs of a transaction being received)

A zero confirmation transaction is a transaction that has been announced to the Monero network but has not been verified even once. Although you should never rely on zero confirmation notifications, they are useful as a sanity check to verify that the sender has at least begun the process of sending a payment to your wallet. 

To see zero confirmation transactions, type the following command into your wallet:

[wallet 47CL7F]: show_transfers pool

How to ask somone to send you Monero

To see your public wallet address, type the following command into your wallet:

[wallet 47CL7F]: address 47CL7FiNtW417VjzWt9Zse8Z8URhaHaA2L9jJq6rrLtDhiYK9PfbCavhhMKws9xEdKHBeGcQtJmPt4uEMivooNztC5UkHLD

Then tell the sender your address and they will be able to send Monero to you.

How to ask somone to send you Monero, specifying a payment ID

If multiple people are sending you Monero, it will be confusing to figure out who sent what. To solve this problem, you can generate a unique "payment id" to tell to the person that is sending you funds. To generate an "integrated address" which combines your public Monero address with a newly generated payment id, type the following command into your wallet:

[wallet 47CL7F]: integrated_address Random payment ID: <9e5d624026c5c274> Matching integrated address: 4Gu184XsVma17VjzWt9Zse8Z8URhaHaA2L9jJq6rrLtDhiYK9PfbCavhhMKws9xEdKHBeGcQtJmPt4uEMivooNztHViznm8GhvREB6AU3C

Then tell the sender your integrated address and they will be able to send Monero to you. To view a list of payments received along with their unique paymenent ids, type this command:

[wallet 47CL7F]: show_transfers

To view only payments received using a particular payment id, use the following command (substituting the example payment id with your own):

[wallet 47CL7F]: payments 9e5d624026c5c274


Monero functions somewhat differently than Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  While the basic principle of a sender and recipient's public or account address remains true, what Monero adds to the transaction is a payment ID, which is a hexadecimal string that is 64 characters long.  Since you can not distinguish which is the sender’s real address in the Monero transactions,  the payment ID serves two purposes: It allows the recipient to uniquely identify their incoming payments from others, and also allows the sender to distinguish their outgoing payments, particularly when there are multiple payments going to the same address but for different orders.

Sample payment ID: 8a631acb70e8f96701073cc3b7f33a44ab51be3b40506dd27f4c3ff344d46b32.

How to send:

To send 0.1 Monero to someone that has given you their public address or an integrated address (see section above on payment ids), type:

[wallet 47CL7F]: transfer 4Gu184XsVma17VjzWt9Zse8Z8URhaHaA2L9jJq6rrLtDhiYK9PfbCavhhMKws9xEdKHBeGcQtJmPt4uEMivooNztHViznm8GhvREB6AU3C 0.1

(note that although the text above is split over multiple lines, the command should be typed as one line with a space between their address and the amount of the payment)