Best hardware for Monero Mining 2017

Monero does not have any ASIC mining hardware, so you’re left with the option of mining with CPUs and GPUs. More specifically, Monero’s mining algorithm makes use of a type of Proof of Work (PoW) called CryptoNight, which was designed to be effective for the computer hardware of casual users.

What’s special about Monero’s mining algorithm is that it lowers the performance gap. As a result, the efficiency gap between using GPUs and CPUs to mine is low relative to other cryptocurrencies. This causes ASICs to be prohibitively expensive for mining Monero, and therefore creates an arguably fairer playing field.

To get the most bang out of your Monero mining buck, you’ll be best off buying as many cheap CPUs as possible. Keep in mind that you could also reach better margins by investing in fewer, but stronger CPUs that have a better hash to power consumption ratio.

Here are some CPUs to consider: You can click to each name to view details.

AMD Opteron 32×6276
Intel Xeon E7-8880v3
AMD Opteron 6272
Intel Xeon 2xE5-2680v2
AMD Opteron 4×8389
AMD FX-8320
Xeon L5640
AMD FX-8350

However, it’s hard to stack a bunch of CPUs together, so if you calculate your costs diligently, you could be better off with a set of affordable GPUs:

XFX Radeon 7990
Sapphire RX480 Nitro+
Sapphire Radeon R9 290 Tri-X
AMD Radeon R9 390 Nvidia 750 TI
AMD R9 280X

And if you’re really trying to accrue some meaningful hashing power, take a look at custom assembled AMD R9 380 Mining racks.

Essentially, you’re best off stacking many affordable GPUs instead of spending large amounts on newer cutting edge cards, as GPU innovations charge extra for chip features that just hit the market. If you’re looking for an extensive list of Monero mining equipment, follow the link to feast on all the options.

Besides, Monero coin are very easy to mine and very profitable so that's why many people Mining monero. If you guys want to find more about Monero so i will suggest you build with the following components:

1. Motherboard | Cost $110 |

2. Processor | Cost $50 |

3. 6x Sapphire RX 580 GPU | Cost $500 x6 |

4. 8GB DDR3 Memory | Cost $63.99 |

5. 120GB SSD Harddisk | Cost $52.99 |

6. Power Supply x2 | Cost $80 x2|

7. Riser Cable | Cost $65 |

8. Fan For Extra Cooling | Cost $19.35 |

9. Windows 10 OS | Cost 92$ |

10. Claymore Miner Software | Cost Free |

11. Mining Rig - Open Air Frame |
I build my own rig rather than purchasing, if you want to purchase i will recommend you this seller.

My total cost for building monero mining rig = 2,983$
Hardware price changes every mean time so may it will cost you less than or more than this amount.

Total Profit Gaining From This Rig: 
GPU x6 = 4740 Hash Rate (Each 772 Hash Rate Produce)
Monthly Profit Generating: 363$
Yearly Profit Generating: 4,427$


Total profit I'm generating after year was 4,427$ estimated and only invested 2,983$ for building monero mining rig